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Figure 2

From: Solution structure of the human signaling protein RACK1

Figure 2

Sequence alignment and ab initio model for human 6xHis-RACK1 protein in solution. (A) Alignment between amino acid sequences of RACK1 from Homo sapiens (GI:83641897) versus RACK1A from A. thaliana (GI:30685669). The symbols: * showing identical residues, : residues with high similarity and residues with low similarity. (B) Experimental scattering curve of human 6xHis-RACK1 (open circles) and the calculated scattering intensity from the RACK1 from A. thaliana (solid green line) and Homo sapiens (solid red line) by using the program CRYSOL. The solid blue line represents the scattering intensity calculated from the ab initio model of 6xHis-RACK1. (C) Two orthogonal views of the homology model of human RACK1 (cartoon representation with secondary structure elements) superposed to the three dimensional low resolution ab initio model (semi-transparent yellow surface) of the human RACK1, obtained from processing the SAXS data.

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