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Table 4 Homodimeric interfaces of M protein

From: Prediction of protein-protein interactions in dengue virus coat proteins guided by low resolution cryoEM structures

Interacting chains Immature at neutral pH (3C6D)* Immature at acidic pH (3C6R)# Mature at neutral pH (1P58)
DE - - -
DF - - -
ED - - -
EF M37 (9.0; h),
G42 (7.4; h)
- L153 (8.6; h),
A160 (7.8; h)
FD - -  
FE M37 (8.6; h),
G42 (5.7; m)
- L153 (8.6; h),
A160 (7.8; h)
  *Interacting chains are arranged in parallel #Interacting chains are arranged end-to-end  
  1. List of residues of M protein chains (D, E and F) participating in the interactions amongst themselves. The residues listed in every column belong to the first chain in the pair of chains listed confidence scores are given in the brackets where "h" stands for high, "m" for medium while "l" for low confidence