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Figure 2

From: Molecular determinants of improved cathepsin B inhibition by new cystatins obtained by DNA shuffling

Figure 2

Sequence alignment of relevant cystatins. Sequence alignment between oryzacystain-1 (cyan), canecystatin-1 (green), A10 and canecystatin-4. Conserved amino acids are show in red. Residues conserved in all sequences except canecystatin-4 are coloured in yellow. In the case of the clone A10 the residues are shaded according to the cystatin from which they were derived with point mutations shaded in purple, and the N-terminal deletion from residues 11 to 19 is shown as a blue gap. The clone OC-I NΔ has the sequence of oryzacystatin-1, but with the same N-terminal deletion as the clone A10.

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