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Figure 4

From: The maize ALDH protein superfamily: linking structural features to functional specificities

Figure 4

Structural conformation and conservation analysis of maize ALDH2B2/RF2A. (A) 3 D structural analysis of the best predicted maize ALDH2B2 model is depicted as a cartoon diagram. Different elements of the secondary structure are colored in blue (α-helix), purple arrows (β-sheet) and purple lines (coils). Each structure is rotated 90° to show different view side of the protein. (B) Conservation profile of the protein using consurf-conservational analysis. The protein was visualized using FirstGlance in Jmol with color-coded conservation scores. The conserved and variable residues are presented as space-filled models and colored according to the conservation scores. (C) Structural comparison of superimposition of ZmALDH2B2/RF2A (red) and human (PDB: 1cw3A) (green) and bovine (PDB: 1ag8A) (yellow) mitochondrial ALDHs. 2 D structural elements comparison, show a small deviations (RMSD) between protein conformations.

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