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Table 2 Comparison of our paths with intermediate structures of AdK

From: Tracing conformational changes in proteins

  2RH5A 2RH5B 2RH5C 1E4Y
lRMSD (Å) 2.55 2.47 2.96 2.82
Closest conformation (percent) 86.89 82.46 73.4 4.95
  1. The closest pathway index (normalized to 1–100) and the lRMSD of the closest point to each PDB structures shown in Table 1 are listed. 2RH5 is from a hyperthermophilic E. coli and 1E4Y is an AdK mutant having 99% sequence identity with 1AKE and 4AKE. The measurements were taken over an average of 20 runs