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Table 3 Performance comparison based on CASP7 evaluation

From: Prediction of protein long-range contacts using an ensemble of genetic algorithm classifiers with sequence profile centers

  BETApro Distill GPCPRED Possum PROFcon SAM_T06_server SVMcon GaCs
Acc 19.7 13.7 10.5 21.4 8.1 18.5 13.1 20.7
Cov 3.2 1.4 2 2.6 1.6 3.9 2.8 3.1
  1. Note that some data are extracted from Table 3 in literature [10]. The eight predictors are evaluated on the 13 CASP7 domains which can be downloaded at the CASP7 web site ( The evaluation was based on the top L/5 predicted contacts whose corresponding residue pair separating no less than 24 residues in sequence, where L is the length of the protein chain.