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Figure 1

From: An ensemble of B-DNA dinucleotide geometries lead to characteristic nucleosomal DNA structure and provide plasticity required for gene expression

Figure 1

Z p versus slide. Z p versus slide for the nucleosomal DNA dataset. The two solid horizontal lines at Z p = 1.3 Å and Z p = 0.8 Å denote the cutoff values for classifying a dinucleotide step as A or B-DNA like, with Z p > 1.3 Å indicating an A-like structure, Z p ≤ 0.8 Å indicating a B-like structure, and 0.8 Å < Z p ≤ 1.3 Å indicating an intermediate structure. The solid vertical line at slide = 0.2 Å denotes the mean value for slide in free B-DNA, while the two dashed vertical lines at slide = -2.2 Å and 2.6 Å denote the values 3σ away from the free B-DNA mean value for slide. All the indicated values are based on the analysis of high resolution X-ray crystal structures of DNA [25].

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