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Table 1 Correlations of mean values of distal side chain atom distributions to other characteristics

From: Prediction of functionally important residues in globular proteins from unusual central distances of amino acids

CC Description of the characteristics Reference
-0.984 Mean fractional area loss upon folding [88]
-0.974 Solvent accessibility based on self-information [16% accessibility] [89]
-0.971 Information value for accessibility [average fraction 35%] [90]
+0.961 Normalized eigenvector of the Sweet & Eisenberg scale [91]
-0.951 Mean combined polarity calculated from distributions of residues in proteins [92]
+0.897 Hydrophobicity coefficient in RP-HPLC [C4 with 0.1%TFA/MeCN/H2O] [93]
  1. Similarities of 5 theoretical (top) and 1 experimental (bottom) single-value amino acid characteristics are expressed in terms of the correlation coefficient, CC. (For Cys, the distribution of reduced Sγ was used.)