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Table 2 Precision and recall of conformation ensemble contact predictions on CASP9 FM targets

From: A conformation ensemble approach to protein residue-residue contact

Evaluation criteria Medium range contacts Long range contacts
Top L/5 .34 (.18) .30 (.05)
Top L/5, δ = 1 .55 (.27) .48 (.07)
Top L/5, δ = 2 .64 (.29) .56 (.08)
  1. The performance of the conformation ensemble approach on the free modelling (FM) targets from CASP9. The input ensembles were sets of server submitted tertiary structure predictions for each FM target during CASP9. δ is the neighbourhood size in residues. L is the sequence length of each target domain. The precision of the predictions is shown first with the recall in parentheses.