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Table 4 Precision of top L/5 contact predictions obtained from filtered ensembles on CASP9 FM targets

From: A conformation ensemble approach to protein residue-residue contact

Filter type Medium range contacts Long range contacts
Remove-poor .34 .35
Remove-top .32 .25
Only-top .32 .37
  1. The performance of the conformation ensemble approach when applied to filtered ensembles. The input ensembles were filtered sets of server submitted tertiary structure predictions for each FM target during CASP9. For Remove-poor, ModelEvaluator was used and any model with a predicted GDT-TS score of less than 30 was removed from an ensemble. For Remove-top, the top 20 models when ranked by TM-Score were removed from an ensemble. For Only-top, the ensemble consisted of only the top 20 models when ranked by TM-Score. L is the sequence length of each target domain.