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Figure 6

From: Structural insights into the membrane-extracted dimeric form of the ATPase TraB from the Escherichia coli pKM101 conjugation system

Figure 6

Comparison between TraB FL model and LvhB4 model reconstituted from SAXS data. Two possible orientations of two LvhB4 monomers into the TraBFL model, with (A, ORIENTATION 1)) the two LvhB4 monomers are aligned along the shortest axis of the TraBFL model, or (C, ORIENTATION 2) the two LvhB4 monomers (in light- and dark-green) are aligned along the longest axis of the TraBFL model (in transparent yellow). (B): same as A but for the cartoon representation of TraB in Figure 5D being superimposed. (D): same as C but for the cartoon representation of TraB in Figure 5E being superimposed. Each panel shows two perpendicular views of the model. The two LvhB4 monomers were manually fitted into the TraBFL model. The black cross and the dashed-line both indicate the P2 symmetry axis of the dimeric models.

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