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Table 1 Crystal structures of TrmI proteins available in the PDB.

From: Structural comparison of tRNA m1A58 methyltransferases revealed different molecular strategies to maintain their oligomeric architecture under extreme conditions

Name Species (domain of life) Optimal growth temperature a (°C) PDB code Resolution (Å) Space group ligand Number of monomers in the asymmetric unitb
HsTrmI-61 H. sapiens (E) 37 (M) 2B25 2.5 C2221 SAM 2
MtTrmI M. tuberculosis (B) 37 (M) 1I9G 1.98 I222 SAM 1
TtTrmI T. thermophilus (B) 70 (T) 2PWY 1.7 C2221 SAH 2
TmTrmI T. maritima (B) 77-80 (T/HT) 1O54 1.65 I222 - 1
AaTrmI A. aeolicus (B) 85-96 (HT) 2YVL 2.2 P212121 SAM 4
PaTrmI P. abyssi (A) 100-103 (HT, Ba) 3LHD 3LGA 3MB5 2.6 2.05 1.6 P212121 P31 I222 SAH SAH SAM 4 4 1
  1. a When different optimal growth temperatures have been reported, a range of temperature is given.
  2. b The biological assembly predicted by PISA is a tetramer in all cases.
  3. A: Archaea, B: Bacteria, E: Eukarya
  4. Ba: Barophile, M: Mesophile, T: Thermophile, HT: Hyperthermophile
  5. SAM: S-adenosyl-L-methionine
  6. SAH: S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine