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Table 2 Pair-wise statistical significance (p-values) of difference in groups of RNA-binding proteins (for mean and standard deviation values in each group, see Table 1).

From: Analysis of electric moments of RNA-binding proteins: implications for mechanism and prediction

Group 1 binding to Group 2 binding to p-value (charge) p-value (dipole moment) p-value (quadrupole moment)
RNA NB <2.2E-016 4.19E-010 3.33E-009
RNA mRNA 1.04E-003 6.08E-003 2.48E-004
RNA rRNA 9.24E-001 1.30E-003 7.54E-002
RNA tRNA 2.68E-015 1.69E-008 1.01E-001
RNA viral RNA 2.09E-002 4.30E-003 3.69E-001
RNA DNA 1.63E-002 1.40E-002 9.81E-001
mRNA rRNA 1.41E-003 1.58E-006 1.66E-005
mRNA tRNA 9.70E-004 3.26E-002 2.88E-001
mRNA DNA 5.61E-002 2.37E-001 3.45E-003
mRNA viral RNA 2.05E-003 7.30E-001 2.22E-001
mRNA NB 5.09E-004 1.91E-001 2.01E-001
rRNA tRNA 6.29E-012 1.86E-012 5.45E-003
rRNA viral RNA 2.28E-002 1.66E-006 4.45E-002
rRNA DNA 2.27E-002 5.46E-007 1.26E-001
rRNA NB 1.05E-012 3.28E-012 1.30E-007
tRNA viral RNA 2.73E-004 1.09E-001 7.19E-001
tRNA DNA <2.2E-016 2.21E-005 1.48E-001
tRNA NB 2.40E-001 6.36E-002 6.50E-002
DNA viral RNA 5.60E-003 1.44E-001 4.03E-001
DNA NB <2.2E-016 1.46E-006 4.53E-005
viral RNA NB 2.34E-004 4.70E-001 7.66E-002