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Table 2 Substrate-binding statuses in each subunit of Oxy in the catalytic cycle

From: Structural insight into the substrate- and dioxygen-binding manner in the catalytic cycle of rieske nonheme iron oxygenase system, carbazole 1,9a-dioxygenase

Statea Oxy subunits
Chain A Chain B Chain C
(1) Resting (Oxy: Fdrest) - - -
(2) Reduced (Oxy: Fdred) - - -
(2’) CAR-bound (Oxy: FdCAR) - CAR CAR
(3) Reduced CAR-bound (Oxy: Fdred-CAR) - CAR CAR
(3’) Oxygen-bound (Oxy: FdO2) Peroxide (end-on) Peroxide (end-on) Peroxide (end-on)
(4) CAR- and oxygen-bound (Oxy: FdCAR-O2) Peroxide (end-on) Peroxide (side-on) Peroxide (side-on)
   +CAR +CAR
  1. a Numbers correspond to Figure 1.