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Table 1 Representative Tyk2 expression constructs

From: Enabling structure-based drug design of Tyk2 through co-crystallization with a stabilizing aminoindazole inhibitor

Rationale Constructs
Orthologs Human (hu)
Mouse (mu)
Variation of affinity tag His-Tev-huTyk2 (891–1185)
His-Tev-huTyk2 (880–1185)-Flag
GST-Thrombin-huTyk2 (870–1180)
GST-Tev-muTyk2 (870-1170)
N- and C-terminal variations huTyk2 (880–1185)
huTyk2 (891–1185)
huTyk2 (891–1175)
huTyk2 (589–1185)
Kinase-inactive mutations huTyk2 (870–1180) D1023A
muTyk2 (870-1170) D1016A