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Table 1 Statistics of crystallographic analysis

From: Crystal structure of HutZ, a heme storage protein from Vibrio cholerae: A structural mismatch observed in the region of high sequence conservation

Data collection  
Space group P41
unit cell (Å) a=b=80.1 c=125.8
Resolution (Å) 50–2.15
Completeness 95.5 (95.9)a
Redundancy 10.0 (7.8)
I/σ(I) 24.5 (7.2)
Rsym (%)b 10.4 (47.4)
Resolution 50-2.0
Rwork/Rfree (%)c 19.73/23. 51
Bond lengths (Å) 0.007
Bond angles (°) 1.070
Ramachandran plot (%)d  
Most favored (%) 92.9
Additionally allowed (%) 6.9
Generously allowed (%) 0.2
Disallowed (%) 0.0
  1. a Values in parentheses are for reflections in the highest resolution shell.
  2. bRsym=∑ hkl i |I(hkl) i -<I(hkl)>|/∑ hkl I<I(hkl) i >over i observations.
  3. c Value of Rfree for 3.91% of randomly selected reflections excluded from refinement.
  4. d As defined in PROCHECK.