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Table 1 Potential electrostatic interactions between subunit A and other subunits of MJ0391

From: Crystal structure of putative CbiT from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii: an intermediate enzyme activity in cobalamin (vitamin B12) biosynthesis

Subunit A Interacting subunits Distance (Å)
Chain aa Atoms Chain aa Atoms  
A Glu21 OE1 B Lys30 NZ 3.43
A Glu22 OE1 B Lys30 NZ 2.81
A Lys30 NZ B Glu22 OE1 2.78
A Leu134 N C His168 O 2.87
A Glu135 OE1 C His168 N 2.85
A Glu135 OE2 C His168 ND1 2.64
A Glu135 OE2 D Asn142 ND2 3.05
A Asn142 ND2 D Glu135 OE2 2.96
A Glu145 OE1 B Lys163 NZ 3.46
A Glu145 OE1 B His168 NE2 2.9
A Glu145 OE2 B Lys163 NZ 3.38
A Glu145 OE2 B His168 NE2 2.96
A Ala153 O B Ala161 N 2.86
A Asn155 N B Ser159 O 2.64
A Asn155 OE2 B Ser159 N 3.03
A Asn155 OE2 B Ser159 O 3.35
A Phe157 N B Phe157 O 2.89
A Phe157 N B Phe157 N 2.84
A Ser159 N B Asn155 O 2.97
A Ser159 OE2 B Asn155 N 2.82
A Ser159 OE2 B Asn155 O 3.39
A Ala161 N B Ala153 O 3.03
A His168 N C Glu135 OE1 2.85
A His168 N C Glu135 OE2 3.5
A His168 NE2 B Glu145 OE1 3.18
A His168 O C Leu134 N 2.87
A Ala172 O C Ala172 O 2.74