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Table 2 Hydrophobic interactions between subunit A and other subunits of MJ0391

From: Crystal structure of putative CbiT from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii: an intermediate enzyme activity in cobalamin (vitamin B12) biosynthesis

Subunit A Interacting subunits
chain aa chain aa
A Ala25 B Ala25
A Ile132 C Ile164
A Ile132 C Met169 (Mse169)
A Val133 C His168
A Val133 C Ser166
A Val133 C Gly167
A Leu134 D Ile141
A Leu134 D Leu134
A Leu134 D Ala138
A Ala138 D Leu134
A Ile141 B His168
A Val154 B Ser159
A Val154 B Tyr160
A Val154 B Glu22
A Val156 B Phe157
A Phe157 C Phe157
A Ile158 B Asn155
A Tyr160 B Val154
A Ser166 C Val133
A Gly167 C Val133
A Met169 (Mse169) C Ile132
A Met169 (Mse169) C Asn174
A Phe170 B Asn155
A Phe170 C Asn174
A Ala172 C Phe157
A Asn174 C Met169 (Mse169)