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Figure 3

From: Short tandem repeats in the inhibitory domain of the mineralocorticoid receptor: prediction of a β-solenoid structure

Figure 3

Contact-dependent secondary structure prediction of the repeat region in human MR. The CSSP profile [13] of the human MR tandem repeats (165-364 aa) using tertiary contacts (TC) in the range of 0.4 to 2.0 is shown. Predictions for α-helix, β-strand and random coil are colored red, blue and green, respectively, with variable propensity values, as indicated at the bottom of the figure. The position of predicted repeats is indicated under the alignment with boxed bars. Short β-strands are predicted upstream the conserved Ser-Pro motif of each repeat. This analysis confirmed the repeats identified in the pattern analysis (Figure 2) and suggested two additional (very divergent in sequence) repeats, marked with yellow and gray bars, respectively.

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