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Figure 3

From: Molecular details of ligand selectivity determinants in a promiscuous β-glucan periplasmic binding protein

Figure 3

Small-angle neutron scattering of apo and ligand bound tmCBP. (a) I(q) SANS scattering data of tmCBP in the presence (red squares) and absence (black squares) of 5 mM cellobiose. Solid black line is the CRYSON generated theoretical scattering curve based on the previously determined tmCBP cellobiose complex. (b) Krakty plot of apo (black) and cellobiose bound (red) tmCBP. Error bars omitted for clarity. (c) Ab-initio model of cellobiose bound tmCBP (surface representation) superimposed with the crystal structure of the cellobiose complex (ribbon representation).

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