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Table 1 The characteristics of the four computer platforms used in the current study

From: gEMpicker: a highly parallel GPU-accelerated particle picking tool for cryo-electron microscopy

Machine name CPU cores CPU type Memory (node) GPUs (total) GPU type Infiniband connection
Dirac 8 i7-965 (3.2GHz) 12Gb 1 C2075 (575MHz, 448 cores)
Mbiserv 12 X5690 (3.5GHz) 64Gb 4 C2075 (575MHz, 448 cores)
Adonis 8×8 E5520 (2.3GHz) 24Gb 16 C1060 (602MHz, 240 cores) 40GB/s
Griffon 64×8 L5420 (2.5GHz) 16Gb 0 20GB/s