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Figure 3

From: The crystal structures of the tri-functional Chloroflexus aurantiacus and bi-functional Rhodobacter sphaeroides malyl-CoA lyases and comparison with CitE-like superfamily enzymes and malate synthases

Figure 3

Overlay of single subunits of both types of malyl-CoA lyases in the closed conformation. MCLC (PDB 4L80) is colored grey. MCLR (PDB 4L9Y) is colored in orange. The rmsd between 267 Cα pairs is 0.96 Å. Secondary and tertiary structures are well conserved in both isoenzymes. The only major difference is in the orientation and lengths of the N-termini. Moreover, one of the helices that form the C-terminal lid domain is slightly shorter in MCLC compared to MCLR, whereas there is an additional small helix in the C-terminus of MCLC.

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