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Figure 2

From: Structure of the S100A4/myosin-IIA complex

Figure 2

Sedimentation velocity of the S100A4/MIIA1851-1960 complex. Plots of sedimentation coefficient distribution g*(s) versus S20,w for MIIA1851-1960 alone (A) and MIIA1851-1960/S100A4 mixtures at molar ratios of 0.5:1 (B), 1:1 (C), and 1.5:1 (D) of MIIA1851-1960 dimer:S100A4 dimer, which are represented by the open circles. The green line is the best fit to MIIA1851-1960, the blue line is the best fit to the S100A4 dimer/MIIA1851-1960 monomer complex and the red line is the best fit for all species in the S100A4/MIIA1851-1960 mixtures.

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