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Figure 4

From: Structure of the S100A4/myosin-IIA complex

Figure 4

Structure of the S100A4Δ8C/MIIA1908-1923 complex. (A) Ribbon diagram of the S100A4Δ8C/MIIA1908-1923 complex showing the S100A4 subunits in green (subunit A) and brown (subunit B) and the MIIA1908-1923 peptide in blue. (B) Refined model of the S100A4Δ8C/MIIA1908-1923 peptide structure. The myosin-IIA peptide (residues Asp1908-Leu1917) is shown in stick representation superimposed onto the Fo-Fc electron density map, contoured at 3.0σ.

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