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Figure 2

From: Structural basis for hypermodification of the wobble uridine in tRNA by bifunctional enzyme MnmC

Figure 2

Structural overview of ecMnmC and ypMnmC.  Ribbon representation of the overall structure of A) ecMnmC, where the MnmC1 and MnmC2 domains are colored green and purple, respectively and B) ypMnmC, where MnmC1 and MnmC domains are orange and blue. The ‘linker’ domain is indicated as defined in the text. FAD and SAM are displayed in sticks, where carbon atoms are in grey, oxygen atoms in red, nitrogen atoms in blue, and sulfur atoms in yellow. C) Overlay of ecMnmC and ypMnmC structures, where the same color scheme is used as in A) and B).

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