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Table 2 Amino acid residues of evolutionary and functional importance

From: Structural basis for hypermodification of the wobble uridine in tRNA by bifunctional enzyme MnmC

Residue Function
Phe-67 SAM binding
Gly-69 SAM binding
Gly-70 SAM binding
Leu-95 Near interdomain interface
Asp-178 SAM binding
Gly-179 SAM binding
Pro-182 SAM binding
Leu-220 unknown
Cys-224 unknown
Lys-236 RNA binding
Gly-271 SAM binding
Gly-273 SAM binding
Gly-287 Near interdomain interface
Gly-518 FAD binding
Arg-567 FAD binding
Gly-578 unknown
Gly-619 FAD binding
Arg-653 unknown
  1. Residues that are conserved greater than 98% among 140 bifunctional MnmC. The numbering is based on the ecMnmC amino acid sequence.