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Figure 6 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 6

From: An aggregate analysis of many predicted structures to reduce errors in protein structure comparison caused by conformational flexibility

Figure 6

Extreme values in modeled binding cavities. Spectrum of the volumes of the largest fragment between the binding site of the template, E. coli enolase (pdb; 1e9i), and 100 models of proteins in the enolase dataset. The bottom of the rectangles in each column represent the volume of the fragment at the 25th percentile of this spectrum, and the top of the rectangles represent the volume of the fragment at the 75th percentile. Lines extending from the bottom of the box downwards and from the top of the box upwards end at the minimum and maximum volume observed for the largest fragment. While the weight of the distribution of volumes sometimes (though not always) fell within a narrow range, the maximum fragment volume was occasionally very high.

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