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Table 1 PDB codes of structures used.

From: An aggregate analysis of many predicted structures to reduce errors in protein structure comparison caused by conformational flexibility

Enolase Superfamily (homogeneous):
Enolases: 1e9i, 1iyx, 1pdy, 2pa6, 2xsx, 2xsx
Enolase Superfamily (homogeneous, redundant):
Enolases: 1ebh, 1els, 1nel, 2al2, 3enl, 7enl, 1te6, 1ebg, 1one
Tyrosine Kinases (homogeneous):
Small Gatekeeper residue: 1qcf, 1fgi, 1fpu, 1fvr, 1gjo, 1irk, 1k2p, 1m14, 1m7n, 1qpc, 1r0p, 1t45, 1u4d, 1yvj, 1ywn, 2src
Tyrosine Kinases (homogeneous, redundant):
Small Gatekeeper residue: 2hz4, 2e2b, 2hyy, 2hz0, 2hzn, 2hzi, 2xyn, 2hmi, 3kf4, 3kfa, 3ms9, 3mss
Enolase Superfamily (heterogeneous):
Enolases: 1e9i, 1ebh, 1iyx, 1pdy, 1te6, 2pa6, 2xsx, 3otr, Mandelate Racemase: 2ox4, Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme: 2pgw, 2zad
Tyrosine Kinases (heterogeneous):
Small Gatekeeper residue:2hz4
Large Gatekeeper residue: 1fvr, 1luf, 1rjb, 1sm2, 1snu, 1snx
  1. Bolded structures were selected as templates. Italicized structures have closed or inactive conformations.