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Table 5 P-values from the Friedman test

From: Enhancement of accuracy and efficiency for RNA secondary structure prediction by sequence segmentation and MapReduce

  Non-pseudoknotted sequences Pseudoknotted sequences
Prediction R-C-O C-O R-C R-O R-C-O C-O R-C R-O
IPknot 9.21E-06 5.27E-01 2.43E-05 4.02E-04 2.16E-05 4.55E-02 4.50E-03 3.74E-05
pknotsRG 1.82E-07 5.27E-01 1.86E-06 9.72E-06 3.65E-06 1.84E-02 1.08E-04 9.62E-05
HotKnots 8.80E-09 6.47E-01 4.20E-07 5.36E-07 2.47E-05 1.84E-02 1.30E-03 1.62E-04
NUPACK 5.16E-09 2.17E-01 5.79E-08 1.41E-06 3.70E-04 5.64E-01 9.11E-04 1.30E-03
PKNOTS 1.22E-15 2.69E-02 3.56E-10 1.18E-11 6.78E-06 6.70E-03 5.32E-04 1.83E-04
UNAFold 5.25E-09 2.74E-01 6.91E-07 2.96E-07     
RNAfold 1.18E-08 8.82E-01 1.29E-06 1.81E-07     
  1. P-values from the Friedman test to compare the accuracy retention of the three chunking methods as well as the posthoc pairwise comparison tests.