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Figure 3

From: High resolution structure of cleaved Serpin 42 Da from Drosophila melanogaster

Figure 3

Conserved homology between Spn42Da and neuroserpin. A, Cartoon representation of cleaved Spn42Da highlighting the β-sheet A in red and the inserted RCL in blue with the strands numbered. B, Crystal structure of native neuroserpin (PDB code 3FGQ [18]) coloured as per (A). C, Crystal structure of cleaved neuroserpin (PDB code 3F02 [14]) coloured as per (A). D, Cartoon representation of cleaved neuroserpin (grey; PDB code 3F02 [14]) superimposed with cleaved Spn42Da (blue). E, Ribbon representation of native neuroserpin (green; PDB code 3FGQ [18]) superimposed with cleaved Spn42Da (blue).

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