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Figure 5

From: Sequence analysis on the information of folding initiation segments in ferredoxin-like fold proteins

Figure 5

Comparison of predicted folding segments and experimental folding segments. (a) U1A, (b) ADA2h, (c) S6, and (d) mtAcP. In the left column, the predicted primary folding segments located at the N- or C-termini are colored orange or green, respectively. In the right column, all the secondary structures with an average Φ value higher than that of the α helix with the lower average Φ value are colored red. However, for S6, the β-strand 3 and α-helix 1 are also colored in red, because their average Φ values are not significantly lower than the averge Φ value of the α helix with the higher value, unlike the case in other proteins.

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