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Figure 6

From: Sequence analysis on the information of folding initiation segments in ferredoxin-like fold proteins

Figure 6

Results of F-value analyses and the distribution of conserved hydrophobic contacts. (a) U1A, (b) ADA2h, (c) S6, and (d) mtAcP. F values or the smoothed number of conserved hydrophobic contacts are shown as a solid or broken line, respectively. The ordinate denotes the F value or the number of conserved hydrophobic contacts and the patterns along the abscissa show the location of secondary structures. The conserved amino acid residues and the location of predicted folding segments are also shown below the plot. The F-value peaks that were the focus of this study are marked with single daggers (†), and the number above each dagger denotes the residue number of the respective peak. The smoothed number of conserved hydrophobic contacts is in arbitrary units, and the peak location is shown with a double dagger (‡) like the F-value peaks. Only for U1A, the shoulder is indicated with parentheses.

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