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Figure 7

From: Sequence analysis on the information of folding initiation segments in ferredoxin-like fold proteins

Figure 7

Results of applying ADM analysis to the homologues of the study proteins. (a) U1A, (b) ADA2h, (c) S6, and (d) mtAcP. Each line corresponds to one homologue, and the dark gray colored regions are the compact regions predicted by the ADMs. The lighter the color is, the higher its η value. These homologues are sorted by the ADM similarity. On the right side, the tree made from the ADM similarity matrix by means of the neighbor-joining method[56] is shown. The location of the secondary structures or the ratio of being included in ADMs for each site is shown above (by arrows or helices for β strands and α helices) or below the results of the ADM analyses (as a histogram), respectively.

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