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Figure 1

From: Characterization of the SAM domain of the PKD-related protein ANKS6 and its interaction with ANKS3

Figure 1

The ANKS3 and ANKS6 proteins. A) The domain structure of human ANKS3 and human ANKS6. ANK = ankyrin repeat, SAM = sterile alpha motif, Ser-rich = serine rich region, helical = potential coiled coil domain. B) The sequences of the human ANKS3-SAM [UniProt:Q6ZW76] and ANKS6-SAM domains [UniProt:Q68DC2] used in this work. The top numbering is the numbering used in the crystal structures. Each sequence contains an additional Ser at the N-terminus that is not shown. The numbers in bold below each sequence correspond to the numbering in the full length proteins.

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