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Figure 2

From: Characterization of the SAM domain of the PKD-related protein ANKS6 and its interaction with ANKS3

Figure 2

ANKS3-SAM binds to ANKS6-SAM. A) Schematic of the negGFP native gel binding assay. Lysate containing a negGFP-human-SAM fusion protein is mixed with lysate containing a negGFP fusion of a different human SAM domain. Each SAM domain contains an ML-surface (red) and an EH-surface (blue). Mixes and individual SAM controls are run on native gels and visualized by fluorescence. Novel hetero-SAM interactions appear as a new upshifted band (asterisk) in the gel schematic. B) negGFP fusions of ANKS6-SAM, ANKS3-SAM, and a 1:1 mix of ANKS6-SAM + ANKS3-SAM assayed by native gel electrophoresis. ANKS6-SAM appears monomeric, ANKS3-SAM appears weakly polymeric, and the appearance of a new distinct band upon mixing the proteins indicates an interaction.

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