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Figure 2

From: PcrG protects the two long helical oligomerization domains of PcrV, by an interaction mediated by the intramolecular coiled-coil region of PcrG

Figure 2

Homology model of PcrV and its analysis indicated the structurally and functionally conserved regions. A. Cartoon representation of homology model of PcrV depicts a dumbbell shaped structure with N and C-terminal globular domains. Helices 7 and 12 form the grip of the dumbbell. B. ConSurf predicted the structurally and functionally conserved residues within the homology model of PcrV, in a graded manner as shown by the colour code. C. WebLogo generated sequence Logos of helix-7 and 12 of V-antigens. Sequences of helix-7 and 12 of PcrV were aligned with the sequence Logos to determine the conserved positions.

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