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Figure 8

From: PcrG protects the two long helical oligomerization domains of PcrV, by an interaction mediated by the intramolecular coiled-coil region of PcrG

Figure 8

Molecular docking fits ∆PcrG (13–72) into the groove formed between the two globular domains of PcrV. A. Schematic and Cartoon representation of ∆PcrG(13–72) model, with the first two helices shown in orange colour. B. Spacefill model of PcrG-PcrV complex obtained from molecular docking studies (∆PcrG(13–72) was shown in blue and PcrV in grey colour), depicts that ∆PcrG(13–72) localizes within a groove formed between the two globular domains of PcrV. C. Cartoon representation of model of ∆PcrG(13–72)-PcrV complex. The interacting regions of the ∆PcrG(13–72) was shown in orange and that of PcrV was shown in blue, as represented in their respective models. D. Surface representation of ∆PcrG(13–72)-PcrV complex, where ∆PcrG(13–72) and PcrV were shown in green and magenta, respectively. The hydrophobic amino acids were coloured in yellow. This model reveals that the interface of interaction between ∆PcrG(13–72) and PcrV is mainly hydrophobic.

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