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Figure 1

From: Crystal structure of subunit VPS25 of the endosomal trafficking complex ESCRT-II

Figure 1

Vps25 contains two winged helix domains arranged in tandem. (A) Ribbon diagram of Vps25; the two domains are shown in orange and yellow. Secondary structure elements are labeled. The major missing loop region connecting strands 1 and 3 is indicated by a dashed line. (B) Superposition of the Calpha positions of the N- and C-terminal domains (residues 23 to 48 and 85 to 101 with corresponding C-terminal domain residues; r.m.s.d. 3.4 Å). Note that the positions of helices 1/3 and helices 2/5 as well as wing positions W1 match up well.

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