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Table 2 Published mutant data and predicted V50 values.

From: Computational identification of residues that modulate voltage sensitivity of voltage-gated potassium channels

Ala scan (Kv2.1) Published V50 (mV) Predicted V50 (mV) Wild type (mV)
L97A 0.6 -7.23 -4.9
*I100A -7.3 -7.23 -4.9
L117A -1.6 -7.23 -4.9
*V125A -4.6 -7.23 -4.9
L135A 1.5 -7.23 -4.9
A154Y 7 27.5 -4.9
MAE 7.5
  1. The V50 predictions for a set of published alanine scanning mutants are compared to the published measured V50 values. The residues marked with * are residues in which an alanine exists at this position in at least one of the channels in the training dataset.