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Table 3 Amino acid residues at the six positions selected as most informative in our dataset.

From: Computational identification of residues that modulate voltage sensitivity of voltage-gated potassium channels

Position Residue (number of independent origins)
97 *C (1), F (2), I (4), L (A), V (5), *Y (1)
100 A (1), *F (1), *G (1), I (A), *L (1), *T (1), V (4)
117 H (1), I (4), L (A), V (1)
125 A (A), *C (1), *F (1), I (3), L (2), T (1), V (3)
135 I (4), L (A), *T (1), V (2)
154 A (1), *C (1), *F (1), I (A), L (2), *M (1), V (5)
  1. The amino acid residues that are present at each of the six informative positions of the 56 channels used for construction of the final predictor are presented. Residues marked with an asterisk only occurred once at that position in the training data set. The number in brackets represents the number of independent origins of that residue, that is the minimum number of times that the residue evolved independently at that position. An A in brackets indicates that this is the inferred ancestral residue identity.