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Figure 2

From: Revealing divergent evolution, identifying circular permutations and detecting active-sites by protein structure comparison

Figure 2

An example of the alignment for two protein chains 1DHF a and 8DFR. The iteration number of the algorithm is represented by t. (a) The two proteins 1DHF a and 8DFR are in the original coordinates, which are in the C α representation of the backbone. (b) and (c) Relative positions of the two proteins during the convergence process. (d) The optimal alignment by our algorithm. The final alignment number m is 182 with rms = 0.7 at λ = 6.0 and λ ¯ MathType@MTEF@5@5@+=feaafiart1ev1aaatCvAUfKttLearuWrP9MDH5MBPbIqV92AaeXatLxBI9gBaebbnrfifHhDYfgasaacH8akY=wiFfYdH8Gipec8Eeeu0xXdbba9frFj0=OqFfea0dXdd9vqai=hGuQ8kuc9pgc9s8qqaq=dirpe0xb9q8qiLsFr0=vr0=vr0dc8meaabaqaciaacaGaaeqabaqabeGadaaakeaaiiGacuWF7oaBgaqeaaaa@2E7F@ = 0.0.

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