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Figure 2

From: Structure of vaccinia virus thymidine kinase in complex with dTTP: insights for drug design

Figure 2

a. Diagram showing one VVTK monomer complexed with dTTP and magnesium. α-helices are shown in red/grey, β-strands are in blue/grey with loops in gold. dTTP is in standard atom colors and the magnesium ion is in blue. b. Diagram showing the superimposition of α-carbons of hTK (grey) and VVTK. Each VVTK subunit is shown in different colors (green/red/yellow/blue). c. Stereo-diagram of the VVTK active site showing residues that interact with dTTP and magnesium. Protein side-chains and main-chain carbon atoms are in grey, main-chain N and O atoms are in blue and red respectively). dTTP is drawn in standard atom colors with the magnesium ion in green

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