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Figure 8 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 8

From: Conformational study of the protegrin-1 (PG-1) dimer interaction with lipid bilayers and its effect

Figure 8

Solvent distribution. Probability distribution functions (P) for different component groups of lipid (PChol (choline – black lines), PPO4 (phosphate – red lines), PGlyc (glycerol – green lines), PCarb (carbonyls – yellow lines), and PCH3 (methyl – blue lines)), and for other solvents (Pwater (water – dashed black lines), PNa (sodium ion – dashed gray lines), and PCl (chloride ion – gray lines)) as a function of distance from the bilayer center for different PG-1 dimers on the lipid bilayer composed of POPC.

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