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Table 5 List of 66 segments with multiple experimental structures.

From: Prediction of flexible/rigid regions from protein sequences using k-spaced amino acid pairs

Protein ID1 Start AA End AA Protein ID1 Start AA End AA Protein ID1 Start AA End AA
1eulA 11E 216A 1c0mA 199K 268D 1ic8A 208P 276A
121p 25Q 166H 1cdb 24F 105R 1ihgA 245K 298E
1a0h 482V 575D 1cejA 30C 95S 1iku 104W 189E
1a7lA 4E 198L 1cfpA 2E 80I 1ilf 7D 140Q
1a7xA 31E 106L 1cpq 7L 128E 1irf 27L 112L
1a90 25L 116Q 1cto 46R 108M 1jmvA 68Q 139R
1ael 41T 111N 1dem 4R 59R 1k0tA 11I 80Y
1akk 34G 103N 1dhx 339A 430G 1k9aA 117T 316A
1al01 42V 124T 1dmzA 613I 706G 1kmuR 299E 382Y
1aonA 218P 371K 1do0 42E 165E 1kvnA 23I 89R
1ap9 104D 155G 1ei7A 60V 148S 1l6kA 8E 61V
1avfJ 76G 155L 1ej6B 723A 928V 1mfn 3D 184T
1az0A 191S 244R 1f2hA 59L 164C 1mkmA 10I 215S
1b4m 42I 134K 1ffxA 148G 263P 1o0vA 265Q 470M
1b75A 41E 94A 1fm6A 266T 430L 1pbwA 238L 297E
1b7eA 133E 239I 1g3gA 44P 152K 1qpmA 28M 81T
1b8tA 12V 191S 1gm0 15A 122I 1sw6A 346Y 429S
1ba9 72G 123A 1go4G 498F 578M 1uaaA 88G 537R
1blr 41V 96E 1hqmD 1039L 1116T 1wtuA 14T 99K
1boc 6L 75Q 1hryA 20R 75R 2btfA 4D 71I
1bqmA 276V 400L 1hstA 26P 79G 2ezm 1L 100Y
1bsh 19L 138M 1i84S 883E 942E 5gcn 36M 165G
  1. 1 For each segment, one PDB ID together with the start and the end of the segment are listed.