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Table 5 Ar/R signatures that are unique to rice and maize and are not found in Arabidopsis

From: Homology modeling of major intrinsic proteins in rice, maize and Arabidopsis: comparative analysis of transmembrane helix association and aromatic/arginine selectivity filters

MIP Members H2 H5 LE1 LE2
TIP family     
ZmTIP4;1, ZmTIP4;2 H S A R
OsTIP4;2, ZmTIP4;3 Q S/T A R
OsTIP5;1, ZmTIP5;1 Q V A R
OsTIP4;1 T T A R
NIP family     
OsNIP2;1, OsNIP2;2, ZmNIP2;1, ZmNIP2;2 G S G R
OsNIP3;2 A A A R
OsNIP4;1 C G G R
OsNIP3;5 A A P R
SIP family     
OsSIP1;1, ZmSIP1;1, ZmSIP1;2 L I/V P N