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Table 1 Sequences and activities of selected α-conotoxins

From: Structure of α-conotoxin BuIA: influences of disulfide connectivity on structural dynamics

Name Spacing a Sequence Receptor b Species Ref.
GI 3/5 ECC-NPAC GRHYSC* M α1β1γδ C. geographus [13]
ImI 4/3 GCC SDPRC AWRC* N α7 C. imperialis [41]
BuIA 4/4 GCC STPPC AVLYC* N α6/α3 β4/β2 C. bullatus [16]
AuIB 4/6 GCC SYPPC FATNPDC* N α3 β4 C. aulicus [42]
PnIA 4/7 GCC SLPPC AANNPDYC* N α3 β2 C. pennaceus [43]
  1. anumber of residues between the second and third, and the third and fourth cysteines
  2. bM, muscle nAChR; N, neuronal nAChR
  3. * C terminal amide
  4. Sequences, in one letter code, are aligned using the conserved cysteines forming disulfide bonds, shown in bold.