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Figure 10

From: Comparative Analysis of Protein Structure Alignments

Figure 10

Alignment paths from 6 methods including reference positions. Alignments are represented as in Figure 8. A: Concanavalin A d1nls__ aligned with legume lectin d2bqpa_. All the applied methods except C α -match align either N or C termini of the domains. The consistency between the methods is high. B: Alignments of saposins NK-lysin d1nkl__ with swaposin d1qdma1. All methods align the structures in sequence order except C α -match. C: Alignments of UDPGDH middle domain d1dlia1 and GDP-mannose 6-dehydrogenase middle domain d1mv8a1. These two helical structures show considerate conformational differences. D: Alignment plot of Hect domains d1d5fa_ and d1nd7a_. The proteins consist of two subdomains in different relative orientations.

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