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Figure 4

From: Solution structure of the second bromodomain of Brd2 and its specific interaction with acetylated histone tails

Figure 4

Analysis of the interaction of Brd2 BD2 with H4-AcK12 peptide by NMR. (A) Overlay of the 15N-HSQC spectra of Brd2 BD2 in free of H4-AcK12 peptide (red) and in the presence of H4-AcK12 peptide (cyan). Five of the most perturbed residues (L334, G335, L336, Y339, and Y381) and the five negative-charged aspartate residues (D330, D338, D341, D385 and D387) were denoted. (B) Binding constant was determined by monitoring the combined chemical shift perturbations (Δδ ppm ) of four most perturbed and not severely-overlapped residues (G335, L336, Y339 and Y381) as a function of concentrations of H4-AcK12 peptide.

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