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Table 2 Peptides used for binding to Brd2 BD2

From: Solution structure of the second bromodomain of Brd2 and its specific interaction with acetylated histone tails

Name Sequence Derivation
H2B-AcK5 SDPA-AcK-SAPAPKK residues 1–12 of histone H2B
H4-AcK8 SGRGKGG-AcK-GLGK residues 1–12 of histone H4
H4-AcK12 GKGLG-AcK-GGAKR residues 7–17 of histone H4
H4-L10A GKGAG-AcK-GGAKR Leu 10 to Ala mutation of H4-AcK12
H4-L10G GKGGG-AcK-GGAKR Leu 10 to Gly mutation of H4-AcK12
H4-A15G GKGLG-AcK-GGGKR Ala 15 to Gly mutation of H4-AcK12
H4-acid GDGLG-AcK-GGADE Lys 8 to Asp, Lys 16 to Asp and Arg 17 to Glu mutations of H4-AcK12
H4-U GKGLGKGGAKR residues 7–17 of histone H4