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Table 1 Amino acid analysis data for BRD2 protein filaments

From: Metal ion-dependent, reversible, protein filament formation by designed beta-roll polypeptides

A) Amino Acid B) Picomoles in Sample C) % of Total D) Expected % in BRD2 Seq
Asx 594.2 14.6 18
Glx 222.1 5.8 6
Ser 152.9 4.0 4
Gly 844.0 22.0 20
Ala 1022.0 26.5 26
Val 199.0 5.2 4
Ile 152.1 3.9 4
Leu 588.0 15.2 12
Lys 82.1 2.1 2
  3856.4 100 96
  1. A) Amino acids listed are those for which a signal above background was measured. Asx is the combination of Asp and Asn, Glx is the combination of Gln and Glu. B) Amount of amino acid present in pmols. C) Amount of amino acid expressed as a percentage of the sum. D) Amount of amino acid expected based on sequence of BRD2. Two tryptophan residues in the BRD2 peptide were destroyed during the acid hydrolysis and derivatization of the resulting amino acids prior to amino acid analysis, which accounts for the remaining 4 % of the total picomoles of sample.